Executive Team, an authorized partner agency to mailchimp and manychat, provides marketing solutions with a powerful combination of Email Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Social Media Engagement, Google Advertising. 

  • Get your email marketing solutions with Mailchimp.
  • No matter what your business is, you can always get more leads with chatbot with manychat.
  • Target the right audience and sell more with Facebook marketing.
  • Track your website visitors and reach again with google remarketing ads. Reach your competitors' customers with google advertising.
We make content and website
Content on your website is important. Build content around the best keywords to make it SEO friendly. Doing some keywords research may help you find out the right keywords for you. When the content amount is reasonable, you can focus on making your website design user-friendly so that visitors take action. You need to make your website easy for visitors to take action – make appointments or purchase your services.
We track your visitors and do retargeting

You need to track your visitors to understand their behavior. Get google analytics and facebook pixel on your site.

97% of your visitors leave your website without taking any action (book appointment or buy anything), and then they’re lost forever, unless you bring them back to your site.
Retargeting campaigns help remind your website visitors of your services or products after they leave your website without taking any action or buying.

After visiting your site, it allows you to retarget them and you can show your visitors relevant visual or text ads when they visit other websites.
You can do retargeting campaigns with Google Ads, and Facebook retargeting. Many businesses use retargeting as a tool to connect with their customers and increase their sales and customer loyalty.

Your customers need to feel like they know you before they decide to buy your product or service. A good marketing strategy to help customers make up their mind about purchasing is to ensure they see your campaign at least 7 times.
Retargeting builds visibility for your brand, allowing you to reach an audience that has already known your products or services. 

We let you reach your competitors' customers

Your competitors are spending a lot of money on bringing traffic to their website, and you are feeling helpless? Don’t be. Smart people use it instead. Let your competitors do all the hard works - finding the right kind of potential customers and spending a lot of money on bringing them to their site with numerous ads.

You create a single ad that targets your competitors’ potential customers who visited their websites.  

We write a blog for you

You need to have regular content on your blog - fresh, relevant, and SEO friendly. Write about issues that provide solutions, solve problems of your intended users, potential customers.

We make an e-commerce site for you

No matter what business you are in, you can always have a second website that helps your potential customers make purchases. Why? Making sales is your ultimate goal, and you can help your website become your first customer with a simple BUY NOW button followed by a perfect funnel.
We do email marketing for you

MailChimp is doing fantastic as a CRM lately.

As an official partner of MailChimp, you can take the advantage of getting priority support while using Mailchimp as CRM, get it integrated with your website so that you can get the insight data about your website visitors, and set automation to send out the right message at right time.
  • Reach the right potential customers. Know your customers and see who you should be talking to.
  • Get better content. Let your brand shine through with great templates.
  • Automate your marketing communication. Add a personal touch through automated campaigns that reach your customers at exactly the right moments.
  • Connect your website so your regular emails make sales. Do more with your marketing effort using the power of analytics. Sync your website data and get pre-built customer segments based on purchase behavior to improve your sales.
  • Pave the way to purchase. Put your customers on personalized journeys that lead them to checkout.
We do SEO for you

If you are a local business, you need (1) On-page SEO; (2) Off-page SEO (Backlinks); (3) Google My Business; (4) Technical SEO (Schema Markup) to get organic traffic to your site.

We let you have a strong presence on social media

Create brand awareness, live in your customers' minds. How? They are on social media, be there. Regular social posts help you live in their mind. If you are a personal injury attorney, a gym owner, medical spa owner, post regularly. What kind of posts? The kind that helps your potential customers get solutions. Yes, something worth knowing.  
We make a chatbot for you

With manychat, do everything about having a LiveChat on your website, educating your customers about services right on their messenger, and promote your services.
We let you reach your potential customers on Facebook

You can create ad on Facebook to reach your potential customers and make more sales.

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4 Marketing Engines
4 Marketing Engines
This package comes with all four superpowers. Give your business a boost with this combined power of Mailchimp, Manychat, Facebook marketing, and Google advertising.

We will integrate all these marketing tools for getting the best results for your business. Get this 4 marketing engines today!


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